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What is liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure often pursued by people who have areas of excessive fat that doesn't respond to exercise plans or dieting. The procedure removes the fat deposits in those areas. Common areas of treatment include the thighs, hips, chin, abdomen, buttocks, arms, and neck..

The surgery commences with the placement of a small incision in the area of treatment. Through this will be inserted a long tube called a cannula, at the other end of which is connected a machine. These tools together, in vacuum-like fashion, extract the unwanted fat and system fluids.

Liposuction surgery is generally performed on an outpatient basis under general or local anesthesia. While all surgeries do carry a degree of potential risk, liposuction is a fairly safe procedure. The best candidates tend to be those who are in relatively good health, but have these "problem" areas of excess fat.

The results of liposuction can last permanently, but require that patients carry out regular fitness plans and healthy eating.



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